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Why Use a Real Estate Broker

The real estate business is constantly changing and you could be caught in some financial traps if given incorrect advice.  Using a licensed Real Estate Broker protects you.  They will help make your real estate transaction go as smoothly as possible.

Real Estate Advice

An experienced real estate broker is a great benefit to you in your real estate transactions.  An experienced broker has seen hundreds of homes, in various conditions and prices.  They know their market, what homes sell for, what increases the value of a home, when to sell, when to buy, etc.  A broker can give you an accurate evaluation of your home and recommend the best price to list your home and when would be the best time to sell.

A brokercan be extremely helpful in choosing a new home and location.  They can help determine the best price to offer, negotiate with the seller throught sales price, inspection issues and financing.

Real Estate Partners

An experienced broker has worked with many real estate partners, such as Title Officers, Escrow companies, inspectors, appraisers and more.  The broker will have worked through many issues in past transactions with the various partners.  They know what will work and who is the best person for the job.  These partner connections are extremely important in your real estate transactions.  It sometimes takes a good amount of work to ensure a successful closing.