Use experienced agent

Why use an Experienced Real Estate Broker

Why use an experienced real estate agent in a hot market?

An experienced agent, one familiar with multiple offers, negotiating, and the location of the home you want to buy or sell, is essential for successful real estate transactions, particularly now in the very competitive market in Seattle.

An experienced, professional real estate broker can bring your offer to the forefront in a multiple offer situation. They will bring your offer's best features forward and assure the sellers you are the best buyer for their property.

A competitive market, such as in the greater Seattle area, requires quick, thorough listing searches. A real estate broker has to put your interests and needs on the top of their list. They need to respond quickly to your questions, they must work efficiently and professionally with other brokers and they must exhibit excellent follow-through on your transaction - including offer, escrow, title and lender.

Viridian Real Estate offers over 16 years residential real estate experience in the greater Seattle market. Clients are given top priority, with quick, accurate turn around of your needs and questions. We work diligently with lenders, escrow and title to ensure a smooth transaction and closing. We have never had a real estate transaction fail to close after inspection has been waived.

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